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Route Radar is a platform built to locate mobile phones in a very convenient way.In addition to mobile phones our platform can be used to locate a wide spectrum of mobile devices including smart phones, GPS devices, etc. Currently in Sri Lanka, we have the largest customer base as a mobile tracking service. Route Radar is mostly used in commercial applications such as delivery services, cab services to locate their sales force and also by individuals for the safety of their family members. We always guarantee the security and the quality of our service. This is the most cost effective way to locate your mobile devices.

Our Story

Route Radar was originally developed as an Artificial Intelligence product which can predict the routes of moving mobiles device in 2013. Later we transformed the application into current mobile tracking platform based on the user demand. Since 2014, Route Radar started to provide customized solutions for organizations. Eventually we integrated all these facilities into one single platform. Our goal is to provide a universal mobile tracking platform with the most innovative features.