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General Questions
It charges you only Rs 3.50 + taxes per day.
First unregister using "unreg rr" and then register using "reg rr". Your password will be reset.
  1. Login to the master account. (This is the account in which you are supposed to create the group)
  2. Got to "Users" using the link in the menubar)
  3. Click the "Add" button in the top right corner.
  4. Register the mobile device you want to add to the group.
  5. Insert the username and password of the device you want to add.
  6. Got to "Map" using the link in the menubar
  7. You can see multiple devices in the "Devices" list
  8. Select any device to see the route !!!
If you create a group in one account and add another account to the group, then the first account is considered as the master account for that group. Two master account cannot have a shared member in their groups.
Of course you can have a customized service for your firm. Our Route Radar solution extends beyond mobile phone tracking. Contact us for more information.
About Registration
  1. Type "reg rr" and send to 77102
  2. You will receive a SMS containing the username and password for your account
  3. Got to the Home Page and sign in using the credentials
  4. Enjoy Route Radar !!!

Also note that,
  • 3.50 per day (+taxes) for any number of searches
  • This service is available only for Dialog users.
  • You can search only upon the consent from the searching party.
  • For more information please call us tel:(+94) 71 574 5632
Our major promise is to give 100% confidential service for our members.
Contact us using the information in the Home Page.