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Route Radar, Your Location Tracking Partner.


your vehicles & employees


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Track Your Friend or Team using

On Demand Tracking

Daily Package - Dial #771*517#
Rs.3.50 + Tax
Monthly Offer - Dial #775*517#
Rs.100 + Tax
Dialog users Only

Continuous Tracking

You need to track someone continuously ?
Register in our cTracking Feature.
Pay with EzCash

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Tracking using RouteRadar App

Download RouteRadar App FREE

Track any Android device using Route Radar Tracker App.
You only need to install Route Radar App and turn on yor mobile GPS.

Device will automatically track in every 5 minutes.
View your friends and the team locations using Routeradar Viewer App.

Tracking using GPS Device

Track Your Vehicle or Fleet of Vehicles using GPS Device

Monitor your Packages, Business Team such as Sales Force, Distribution Fleet.

Step 1 - Configure GPS Device
Step 2 - Obtain Username & Password
Step 3 - View tracking information using RouteRadar Viwer Mobile
              or Web App

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